Jan 13, 2010

READYdebit, here I don't come

Dear Casy,
Thank you for your READYdebit prepaid Visa card order - your confirmation code is #######. Your card will arrive in the mail in about 7 to 10 days. With no overdraft fees and great features like sending money card to card, we think you're going to love it!
Please add the following two email addresses to your email address book so that important messages regarding your account from READYdebit don't get caught in your junk mail folder:
We're looking forward to serving your financial needs. At Ready Financial, we're committed to getting our customers a better deal.
Thanks Again,
The READYdebit Team
Ready Financial Group, Inc.
5465 E. Terra Linda Way
Nampa, ID 83687


 to READYdebit
3:37 PM
Hi Readydebit:

This email is very concerning to me. I didn't apply for this card. Nor did I agree to fund it. 

My first thought was "Alas! Someone has stolen my identity!" 

My second thought was "Wait - why would an identity stealer use my real email address, thus alerting me to the fact that they are stealing my identity?" 

My third thought was "What if this person thinks they're actually me?"

And finally, I thought "they just put in the wrong email address."

However, I would like confirmation that this is the issue. Could you perhaps let me know the last 4 digits of the social security number used to obtain this READYdebit, or the DOB, or the last 4 digits of the credit card used to fund it, or where it's being mailed to?

Yours in confusion,

Casey A. Williams

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  1. Berkley1:34 PM

    your parents should get an 'F' in the facebook grade your parents on their naming originality thing...
    This is just ridiculous.


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