Mar 9, 2010

Back Home from Thailand

Annnnddd..... we're back! 1 bus ride, 5 airports, 4 flights, 3 layovers, 1 flight change, and 1 taxi ride = 35 hours of travel back home to Boston. I am greeted by a new "Casey Williams" imposter who has signed me up for Nestle Family, Nestle Health, GNC, and Disney something. It's like they just got email for the first time, and discovered email newsletters. Sigh.

Pictures will come soon. Highlights of the trip include:
1. Making paper.
2. Riding an elephant.
3. Taking multiple boat rides.
4. Eating lots of pad thai.
5. Hanging out at a preschool.
Bonus Highlight: Our tour guide, Ketsara, was fantastic. Down to earth, friendly, caring, knowledgable. I 100% recommend SmarTours Thailand.

Low lights of the trip:
1. 26 hours of travel to get to Bangkok.
2. 36 hours of travel back to Boston.
3. Awful, awful, awful intestinal issues. I've been to lots of developing countries, and had intestinal issues before, but they all pale in comparison to this one. I actually threw away the t-shirt I was wearing during the onset of it. Ew.

Back to settling in! And drinking our lovely lovely lovely clean tap water.

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  1. your fav superior2:54 PM

    ew about the digestive issues. Sorry about that :(


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