Mar 10, 2010

GNC Thinks I Need to be Healthier

or at least take some supplements. Verdict's out on whether or not they actually make you healthier.


I unsubscribed from your email list yesterday, since I didn't actually ever sign up for it. It was a different Casey Williams who doesn't know his/her own email address. Either you really think I need some healthy vitamins or your email database has not been updated, but either way I really have zero interest in receiving your excessive emails (which is why I unsubscribed). 

Do people actually want to read emails about vitamins from you every single day? I mean, really, what changes on a day to day basis in the vitamin and supplement world?

I would appreciate if you removed caseywilliams at gmail from your email list, for real this time. In the mean time, I will consider adding a multivitamin to my daily pill intake. Deal?


Casey A Williams

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