Mar 31, 2010

Before & After: Booted out!

Boots are in.

But really, boots are classic. When are they not going to be "in" (aside from during the summer)?

The problem with boots is that no one keeps the packaging the boots come with to keep the shafts (heh) in the correct form. Ok I kept some, but I never actually zipped them into the boots after I wore them three times.

The other problem with boots is that they don't fit in my shoe rack. So instead, I just take them off and throw them over the edge of my headboard to the closet, where they just hang out on the floor, looking messy and getting saggy. Sometimes they chat it up with the random pillows that also live on the floor.

Before: The boot area

That DSW bag does not have boots in it. Instead, it has a new pair of black pumps. They stay in the box under the shoe rack unless I have a meeting at work.

I got sick of tripping over the boots when I needed something in the closet, which was basically every day since I keep all my shoes and laundry there. I stared at the closet, then back at the boot area. And then I had a brilliant thought: I would hang my boots. Never mind that the closet was packed, I would hang them off the headboard! What use is a $10 metal headboard if you don't hang something off of it?

After: The boot solution
Boots! Hung neatly! I used skirt/pant clipper hangers and a bit of twine. The hangers leave a slight impression on the boots, but nothing that anyone would notice. 

It may not be the prettiest solution, but it is so functional that I freaking love it. I implemented the solution last November, and it's now March, and I'm still hanging up the boots after I wear them. And I wear them more frequently since I can more easily see them!

How do you store your boots? Or don't you?


  1. SO CLEVER! I need to do that...

  2. I did that to my boots too after I got those special hanging clips from our visual merchandiser at work (for free!). Mine hang from a metal shoe rack.
    Definitely cleans up some floor space! :)

  3. i heart your boot storage, but especially your boots. i would like ones just like you gray ones in the back--with the buckles on the tops. i want flat boots with interesting details, without being cowgirly. le sigh.

  4. That is a very very clever solution!


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