Mar 28, 2010

Before & After: The story of a sink

Oh Befores & Afters, how I love thee. Just when I think we can't make any other changes to our place... inspiration strikes. Slash annoyance. No one likes looking at the extra toilet paper, though everyone likes having it around. No one likes looking at extra toiletries and products - well except Kate S. perhaps - but everyone, or at least me, likes having them around.


Let's get a close-up of that clutter:
Ah yes.. The TP, Q-tips, mouthwash, extra lotion, plunger, scrubber, and trash can common to all bathrooms. Unlike most bathrooms, however, our sink is the most basic possible, consisting of just the sink, faucet, and pipes. Full vanities are for other people. The non-renting kind of people.

After. Enter the Sink Skirt. Inspired by this pedestal sink skirt from Little Green Notebook, only with a few changes since my sink doesn't have a lip under which to stick the skirt. Instead it's bravely out there in the open.
Do you feel happier? I know I do. I can even temporarily ignore the make-up piled up on the shelf.

T's comment upon seeing the fabric: "Floral?! Um.." I promised him that I would make an alternative non-floral version, but it's hard to find a fabric to match the sage green walls and blue tiles. They ran out of the striped stuff I used for the closet curtain.

It just took a little industrial adhesive velcro, some regular velcro to sew onto the skirt, and the skirt itself, which was made with a scrap from the bedroom closet curtain and a contrasting floral material. I made a yoke of sorts at the top so it would lay smoothly against the sink, and then made the sink skirt slightly gathered to allow all of our various sundries to be stored. To be frank, I'm not wild about the fabric, but it'll do for now.

Now, when I lay in bed with the bathroom door folded open, I won't have to stare at our TP. Hallelujah.


  1. That's such a clever idea! BTW, have you heard of You can make your own fabric designs! And then T can have a non-floral print!

  2. Very clever. Viv- remember sewing in our downstairs hallway?
    How about some material with more blue in it? I do love the improvement. VAST improvement. You're very clever, Casey.

    Sign me, Casey's Mom


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