Jun 25, 2010

Boston CSAs Rock! - Silverbrook Farms

Hands down the best thing about my job moving downtown is the twice weekly farmers market in Copley. Ok, maybe not having to drive to Watertown is the best thing, but the farmers market is second best.

Even better - so good that it's not even on the same scale - is the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership that I started today with Silverbrook Farms. For those not in the know, a CSA is basically like a Book-of-the-Month club, except it's weekly. And it's produce. And you can't choose what you get.

Anyway. I went down at lunch and picked it up! So easy! And it wasn't so heavy that it will be hard to take home on the T.

The very first share included:
- 1 lb each sugar peas
- 1 lb snap peas
- 1 lb shelling peas
- 1 head of chinese cabbage
- A bag of salad greens
- 1 quart of strawberries
- 1 container of deluxe cheese curd (kind of like cream cheese in this case)
- A jar of blueberry ginger jam

Next week we'll even be getting some farm fresh eggs! I think the best thing about this particular CSA is the variety that it provides - veggies mostly, but also other food items. Most CSAs are tons and tons and tons of veggies. But I just can't eat all of them, even with T. Maybe if we got a dog, she could eat some (hint hint, T).

While I was down there, I also picked up my weekly bunch of basil, a tasty pint of raspberries, and a loaf of Iggy's bread.... and figured there must be a lunch in there somewhere.

Here is what I enjoyed:
That's right, bread, cheese curd, basil, and raspberries! My new favorite sandwich.

I also gazed upon the most-photographed flowers in Boston at the Atlas Farm Stand:
My iPhone (3G) doesn't do the flowers justice.

When I returned indoors, I decided that I really should test out the jam to see if it was good. So I split open a homemade blueberry muffin leftover from breakfast, and spread on the goods:
Verdict? Delicious jam. The ginger off-set the super sweetness that most blueberry jams (including my own) suffer from.
And yes, I also enjoyed a delicious non-organic, non-farm raised, Diet Dr. Pepper.

And now? Lunch time is over.

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