Jun 24, 2010

Things that make me happy

Inspired by Color me Katie, here are a few things that made me happy this past week:

Giant margaritas at Masa in celebration of Carrie's birthday

FINALLY framing our handmade paper from Thailand

FINALLY framing the embroidered 'lenco enamorado' I made for T for Christmas. Oh love!

Making MC Escher-inspired shapes out of picture framing hardware.

Celebrating Steph's med school graduation with a sock monkey, and thinking about how I could make a sock monkey that would have a womb and give birth. (Steph's an OBGYN.)

Watching the monkey frolic in the gardens, happy to finally be united with his new owner

Gazing deep into beautiful purple flowers

Daydreaming about building a doll house one day.. for myself!

Laughing at silly sock monkey products.

Wearing purple monkey socks with my purple laced sneakers!


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  1. I saw your outfit from afar earlier today! I meant to come by and get a closeup view :). Still planning on it, but now I know that they are monkey socks!


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