Jun 29, 2010

My Alter Ego Leaves Out Old Lemons

I stopped reading after "I understand that the fitness desk job can have it's tedious moments". Don't feel bad if you want to skip down to my reply, which uses similar grammar.

Hello Everyone,
I find it necessary to address the issue of the responsibilities and duties assigned to each of you as fitness desk staff. I regret that it has come to the point that I have to come in and reiterate what Heather and Lauren, as your direct supervisors, have already charged you to do in this job.
I understand that the fitness desk job can have it's tedious moments. I did it for many years. However, it is a very important job in the facility. You are the first impression members get of the facility. You represent not only yourselves, but me and the entire fitness staff. If you make a bad impression or no impression at all, that reflects on all of us. You have got to understand that we are here to serve our members. There would not be an ROCC if it weren't for our members. Yes, it can be trying at times. But, guess what, every job has it's moments. You are to greet every member by making eye contact with them and acknowledging them. You are to make sure they have what they need. It should be a rare thing that members have to ask for more ice in the bin or more cups to be put out. If you've finished the duties lists, then you take the initiative to dust, clean or just pick up the facility. There is always something that needs doing: cleaning mirrors, checking trash etc..
For the last couple of weeks, I have come to work and found ,or been informed, that lemons were left in the container overnight, that ice had not been dumped, that essentially the duties of the beverage stations were not completed. This is not acceptable. Heather and Lauren have given each of you specific instruction and written lists of what has to be accomplished each day/shift. There is no compromise. A country club's sole purpose is to serve the members who pay dues to be provided the servces they desire. Not following shift proceedures puts everyone else on the staff in the position of having to pick up the pieces and to do damage control if members are miffed that our facility is not running as it should. If comments about such lax performance gets back to the general manager, Mr. Stuckey or any board member, our department is made to appear as if we don't know what we are doing. And believe me, if you catch a board member at just the right moment, it could mean lost jobs.
It is very, very important that each of you are diligent about checking for "house" guest passes. Remember a house guest is the only guest allowed in the facility. If they are a house guest they will have a card issued to them by Susanne Lyles from the front office. As uncomfortable as it might be, it is of the upmost importance that you enforce the NO GUEST policy. If the member starts to argue why their non-house guest should be allowed to work out, tell them that the fitness committee put this policy into place. If they want to talk to someone about it, give them my number and have them call me. BUT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE DILIGENT ABOUT THE NO GUEST POLICY.
Additionally, all desk staff has got to be diligent about asking the age of people who come up and look like they might be be below the age of 18. Yes, this can be uncomfortable. But, again, this is part of our duty to run the facility as charged and to lessen liability. Again, if they have an issue, have them call me.
The upstairs bathrooms and the downstairs locker rooms also need better attention. Yes, housekeeping does the "deep" cleaning, but it is our duty to do walk throughs and pick up errant towel, trash, etc. that is left behind between the times housekeeping is here. It is not beneath any of us to do this. I often do it because it is the right thing to do, not because I enjoy doing it.
Lists and proceedures are necessary and important in order for a department to run effectively and as efficiently as possible. If someone drops the ball, we all end up having to pick up the slack.
I regret if this has a hard tone or is as if I'm "gettin' on" to everyone. But, guys, we are under a microscope. We will be for a long time. Everything we do is being examined on a daily basis. We literally can not afford or appear less than uber-professional.
If you have any questions or need clarification on your job duties, contact Lauren, Heather or myself, asap.
Gina Raybourn
Fitness Director
Royal Oaks Country Club
My reply: 

Hi Gina,

I did recieve you're email, but I don't work at the ROCC.

I do understand you're frustrations resulting in a lower than acceptable standard of service. It can be tough to enforce. May I suggest that you have a "Caught Being Good" sticker reward program? We used to get these red stickers in first grade when we where (you guessed it) "caught being good," and everyone just about DIED to get one (except that dying wasn't being good, so we tried not to do that). I saved each and every sticker I got, and brought them in for show-and-tell once when a less good classmate of mine stole one of my 14 stickers. My teacher made her give it back. Now, looking back on it, I think it was sad that she thought the only way to get a 'good' sticker was to be bad.

Alternatively, consider an "Employee of the Month" award. Whoever does the most dusting or fresh lemon slice replenishment without being asked could get the award, which could include a gift certificate or something.

Good luck being under the microscope!


Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA

PS. I have CC'd the Casey Williams I believe you were trying to reach - CaseyEwilliams at gmail. 

Blog Postscript: My alter ego does not understand email. She replied to ME to let ME know that she received the "don't re-use the lemons" email.


 to Casey
Casey - You should email your boss, not me.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 10:02 AM, Casey Williams  wrote:
I did recieve your e-mail.
Casey williams



  1. Wow. Sucks that such a silly person is ruining the reputation of your name.

  2. I know - I would NEVER leave out lemon slices!

  3. Casey, Viv has helped me to sort of understand the reason for your post. At least it's not a born-again-Christian named Casey hounding you electronically!

    You MIGHT leave out lemon slices.

    LOVE the "caught you being good" stickers. It sounds like the encouragementI promote as a parenting expert.

    So you were able to recoup the 14 stickers stolen from you ?!


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