Jun 30, 2010

Bolognese Sauce in 90% Humidity

What kind of food do you crave when it's 90 degrees out and 100% humidity? Bolognese sauce over pasta? ME TOO!!!

It was so hot, that the first night we planned to make it I bagged out and got take-out from Whole Foods. Last night, however, I was determined. T was not so determined. Instead, he slept off a stomach-ache in our sleeping bag nest on the floor of our air conditioned living room:

Meanwhile, I entered into our curtained-off (and non-A/C) kitchen and got to work.

An hour or two later, bolognese!

I'm happy with it. And sweaty.

And ready to EAT. Strangely, T's stomach ache had receded enough for him to eat dinner... but re-appeared after dinner before the dishes were done.. ;-)  but seriously, he was not in a good way. But was better this morning.

I used this bolognese recipe from Epicurious. My tips:
- Use powdered milk (with water), and add more powder than normal to make it taste creamier
- Try diced tomatoes to avoid the cuisinart step
- If you got your nutmeg (or 'nutmag') from Thailand, be sure to remove the shell before grating
- Add plenty of 'nutmag'
- Sprinkle in some basil
- Use a mix of red and white wines
- Definitely simmer for awhile

YUM! I just finished leftovers for lunch. Even better today.


  1. Does bolognese sauce have baloney in it?

    It is a bit suspicious that T's stomache ache receded ONLY during dinner together. My brothers would have called him a FAKER!

    Love the picture of him on the floor.

  2. Is that the "dog" covered under a blanket beside T on the floor?

  3. Yes Rosie the Sock Dog is next to him. I put her there to comfort him.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    hmm. now i have to go make pasta and red sauce for dinner. but i'm too lazy to make the full bolognese, plus i have no powdered milk. oh well! easy it is! :) liz


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