Jul 7, 2010

Life in the Slow Lane

Weather like this makes me feel sssslllloooowwwww.  It's hard to complete sentences, never mind thoughts.

We spent the 4th on Nantucket with friends. What a lovely way to celebrate our independence - on an island, wearing our best preppy outfits, playing croquet and eating hot wings and pizza and drinking delicious beer.

This morning, I was so tired that I drove to work. I still feel like I'm underwater.

The time may have come for us to buy an air conditioner for the bedroom. No matter how I angle the fan, or spread out my limbs, I feel like I'm suffocating. Then you add another person to the double bed, and it's impossible to sleep thoroughly and deeply.

I wonder what I will say when I get to Home Depot. "Hello, do you have an air conditioner for a room that is 6 feet by 10 feet? No it's not a closet, it's a bedroom. Yes we fit a bed in there. Yes it's 'we', two of us sleep in there. No we are not illegals, we are frugal. And we love our apartment. But we would love it more if we had A/C in the bedroom. Ok fine, A/C in the closet where we sleep."

I mean, do they even make air conditioners for a space that small? Funnily enough the window is quite large. I just don't want to get a big air conditioner because then the room will be an icebox.

Wah, poor me.

What are you doing to cool off?


  1. Berkley10:27 AM

    a) I stopped at Home Depot last night and they were sold out of AC units. I would call first to see if the place you want to purchase from actually has any.

    b) the AC unit I have (which was the cheapest one I could find at the time) has the ability to set what temp you want the air to be, and you can control the fan speed from 0-99, and has a smart cool function that sort of works like a thermostat and keeps the temp steady. It also has a 'sleep' function that is awesome because it starts out really cool, and then gradually decreases how much cold it is producing and then works it's way back up 7 hours later...thus you fall asleep cold and wake up cold, but when you are sleeping you are less cold, thus conserving energy.

    c) I used my 5,300 BTU unit described above in my B-line room (about 10x10) and it was great. My efforts to try to cool my new living room/dining room space with it are proving only moderately successful...thus my attempt at Home Depot last night..

    d) I have been driving the .6 miles to the train station becuase it's so hot.

    That's the end of my novel.

  2. It's foggy in SF. 70s tops. I'm trying to stay warm. May I borrow some of your heat? ;o)

  3. That a/c Berkeley described above with the sleep function sounds pretty awesome. I want one!

    I have gone to London in an attempt to stay cool. However, our hostel is not air conditioned and a little stuffy, so sleeping is another story. Not like the current heat wave going on in Boston, though!

  4. Ann when are you going to update your Uganda blog? I can hardly wait to see pics... even of the journey on the way there.

    Berks I love that I ran into you today before I even had a chance to read your comment... the power of personal interaction trumped the interwebs! At least this one time anyway.

    Viv - maybe I should finish your sock monkey so you have a furry snuggle buddy!

  5. Yes! I would love my sock monkey! :o)


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