Jul 8, 2010

Oops, I did it again

This is a test. Please choose the option that best answers the question.

Why did Casey drive to work today for the second day in a row when she could have taken the air conditioned train?

a. She slept in the living room in the A/C on the aerobed and was so comfortable she didn't wake up in time to take the train. But she did wake up with a crick in her neck. At 8:50 AM. Eeek!

b. She left her cell phone at work because she was so out of the day before, so she didn't have her "alarm phone". If anyone at work was there this morning at 7:30 AM, they definitely woke up to the "alarm phone" bells.

c. She dragged T's digital clock into the living room, set the time, set the alarm, and went to [aero]bed... not realizing that she had reversed AM and PM, so the alarm will be going off at 7:45 PM tonight. Again she blames this on lack of sleep.

d. She's a lazy son of a gun.

e. All of the above.



  1. I wish I slept as well as you did. At least I had Friday Night Lights to entertain me after much tossing and turning.

  2. aren't you so happy that I edumacated you on the ways of FNL? I have to catch up on this season still..

  3. That sucks when plans B & C fall through!

  4. F) Th government has secretly drugged all a/c units, to make us more content and less able to take care of ourselves. To prepare for the ascension of the mole men.

  5. HEY- the subtitle of my book is "How chores cultivate capable confidenty young people."

    please correct, miss blogmeister!
    or I'll throw a tantrum.

  6. BIG BROTHER is always there, thanks for the reminder Bridget....


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