Jul 9, 2010

Trick Question

Guys. Yesterday's question was actually a trick question. OBVIOUSLY the reason I drove to work two days in a row was because driving up the spiral parking garage ramp is so much freaking fun in GL0wy (my Mazda3 hatchback).

I'm serious.

It's like racecar driving, only you're in a Mazda. Actually it's more like movie star driving, 'cause the parking garage where I park is where they filmed a scene from Knight and Day. Tom Cruise drove his Volvo around and around and up onto the roof over and over and over again, racing to get to Cameron Diaz in her yellow dress. I know because I watched from my desk while he was doing it.

So when I go 35 mph, tires screeching, maniacally laughing, on my way into or out of the garage, don't judge. Just try it yourself. :-)

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