Jul 20, 2010

Man on the Phone

Say you're a guy.

A guy who has a phone interview.

You might go outside to a little side park to have said phone interview instead of sitting at the desk where you currently work.

Outside, though, it is wild. Yes. Wild. Crazy. Unknown. Especially in Cambridge, MA.

You never know when a pack of yelling first graders is going to walk by with their teachers yelling, "This man's on the phone, now he can't hear a thing, Man's on the phone, and he can't hear a thing." Etc, etc.

This man laughed. So did the HR woman on the other end of the line.

Kids can be funny bastards.

Guarantee the HR woman won't forget his phone interview.  :-)

Side note: This was a male friend. Not me. Though I wish it had been me, only because it must have been so freaking funny.

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