Jul 22, 2010

Filene's Basement Does Not Discriminate Against Dogs

Anyone who knows me, knows I love dogs.

I mean, I love them. They're so adorable. And funny. And frustrating. And cute. And I want one.

But even if I had a dog - and one day I will - I will never, ever subject said [large] dog to lingerie shopping at Filene's Basement in downtown Boston. Yes. It happens. I know because I saw it.

Yesterday when shopping for new jeans (because I ripped my previous favorite pair while playing with, you guessed it, a dog), I bumped into a large dog while making my way over to the dressing room. The dog looked miserable - head down, tail down - he was so out of place.

The only acceptable reason for bringing your dog into Filene's Basement would be for an emergency shopping need, like say if you had huge blisters on your feet and needed flip-flops. But this woman was in the lingerie section, so maybe her emergency was that she pooped herself, in which case that totally sucks and I'm sorry for even bringing this up.

But I don't understand why she spent at least 45 minutes there! Not to mention she had to take the dog up an escalator to get there. Maybe that's why he was so sad - escalators are scary for humans, imagine if you were a dog! Actually I read this disturbing book about a boy raised by dogs and he takes an escalator and it scares the crap out of him because he's a dog (in his head) and doesn't understand the escalator.

In conclusion - don't bring your large dog shopping. If you want to bring your purse dog shopping, whatevs, because s/he probably likes shopping. Still - a good rule of thumb - dogs and clothes shopping don't mix. {Edit} Unless it's a service dog. That dog is definitely used to escalators. And shopping. This dog was not a service dog.


  1. are you lying? i didn't see a dog there!

  2. your favorite boss9:47 AM

    I am voting for the fact that she pooped herself and was looking for the right underwear with the perfect cotton / spandex blend.

  3. No I am not lying!!! The dog really was there, I saw the poor thing twice! I knew I should have snapped a photo.


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