Jul 23, 2010

Upper Crust Boston - Why I will never eat there again

So a friend of mine works at the Upper Crust. 

Unfortunately, it turns out that the guys who own the place are scumbags. They refuse to pay overtime, so if workers go over 40 hours they will fire them.

But more problematically: Previously they were paying these guys in the kitchen for 40 hours but having them work 70 hour weeks. There was a lawsuit and they had to pay the workers the back wages…. but then told the workers that they had two choices: Either pay back the money or be fired. So the workers chose to have the money deducted from their paycheck since they needed the job. Now the workers are bringing another lawsuit against the Upper Crust for this..

So now that I know this about the company, what should I choose to do? I could ignore it, and continue to eat their delicious pizza. Or I could use the power of consumer choice and tell them to f&*@ themselves and get my pizza elsewhere. 

Which do you think I'm going to choose?

Update: Apparently Boston consumers are so outraged that they are calling the Upper Crust and asking them to explain themselves! Sadly the guys responsible aren't actually at the stores. Screw you, Upper Crust!


  1. I'm fucking quitting, that's all i know...then boycotting.

  2. Brick House pizza in Brighton is far superior anyway. And the brother owners work there cooking the food and working the register. Well I think they're brothers because they look so similar.


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