Sep 22, 2010

Bound to Happen

It was bound to happen.

I write some smart-ass blog post about a random email that I get as a Casey Williams.

Only this time I actually knew Young Paik. Okay "knew" is putting it strongly - turns out he is on the new hockey team I joined but then immediately sprained my ankle and couldn't play for 6 weeks and he missed the first game so I never met him but I was on the email list so his nice wife invited me to the party they had to watch his Wheel of Fortune debut. Where he won $61k.

This was all explained at our hockey game on Monday. Where Young was very nice and sporty and forgiving. And the photo in the Wheel of Fortune blog post is not him. It's this other guy named Young Paik who went to Tufts and lives in the Boston area. So I'm not the only one with online identity issues.

See you next week, Young. :-)


  1. is he giving you some of the $61K?
    is he any good at hockey?

    so he sent the notice to the whole team ? :-)

  2. Holy Crap!! YOUNG was on wheel!? WOAHH Why didn't I know this!!

  3. Um yeah!!! I can't believe I was invited to the party and you weren't!


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