Sep 27, 2010

Weekend Skirt Adventures

I had a lovely weekend, the highlight of which was dinner at PICCO (Pizza Ice Cream COmpany) in the South End. Their pizza is delightful, their ice cream very creamy, the bartenders saucy, the patio well worth the wait. And of course the company was great - Mel and J.

The trouble only started at the end of the meal - and after two glasses of delicious Malbec. I visited the ladies' room, and as one does, when I was done, I used my foot to kick flush the toilet.

Here is an equation for you that describes the situation:
      2 Glasses Malbec + Pencil Skirt - 1 Good Ankle = Off Balance Flush Kick
      Off Balance Flush Kick = Ripped Skirt

The slit in my GAP skirt became somewhat larger. I returned to the table and we all laughed about it.

Fast forward 10 minutes. Mel and J have offered to give me a ride to the T station. After all, I found them their parking spot right outside the restaurant and protected it from other drivers by pretending to talk on my cell phone.

Here is an equation for you to describe this situation:
       Ripped Skirt + 2 Glasses Malbec + Getting into Car = VERY RIPPED SKIRT

I could not get up without flashing people. Good thing I was wearing underwear (yes clean underwear).

Thank goodness Mel and J gave me a ride home. Who know what would have happened to a semi-disrobed lady on the B line?

I took the photo at right as soon as I got in the door. It is low-res for a reason.

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