Dec 17, 2010

Amazing Craig's List Finds

Moving from 450 sq feet to 900 sq feet, T and I needed a few pieces of furniture. A lot less than one might expect, considering the size difference, but none the less, we needed some furniture. Our experience at Pier 1 was less than stellar, from the crazy manager asking if I was pregnant to the damage we discovered upon unwrapping the table, so we turned back to our friend Craig's List.

Why we ever looked away, I don't know.

Look at this treasure, for only $500!! Act quickly!

A sideways chair! Wow, I've always wanted one of those.

Seriously. Does this person ACTUALLY think they will get $500 for their horrendous mauve furniture? They can't expect that unless they throw in some wall to wall mauve carpet. Wait they have that too.

And then we have this special piece of loveliness:

Guess how much they're asking for this Laura Ashley knock off. $1,600 buckaroos. WTF. I'm not spending that much money for your USED furniture! Jordan's furniture isn't THAT nice.

But what's really funny is the armoires.

Dude. You aren't the only one who got a flat screen TV and doesn't need a huge honkin' piece of furniture to hide their huge fat TV in anymore.

You really think someone is going to pay $500 for this? Apparently you do since you've posted it here for the past month. I don't care how much you paid when you bought it originally, there's this thing in economics called "supply and demand". There's way too many armoires on the market, and way too little demand. Good luck, my friend. Good luck.

That being said, we did get a great antique dining room table for a reasonable price on Craig's List. You just have to dig through all the crap.

After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure! Or so they say.


  1. Check out freecycle! We got our furniture on there, for free, in great condition, from a really adorable family. It's all about community and perfectly useful things not ending up in the landfill.

  2. Love the clawfoot table.
    There are fabulous deals to be had on Craig's List. GOOD FIND!


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