Dec 16, 2010

Life Status

Life is delicious right now. This is likely due to the fact that I just drank a cup of hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows, ate a cookie, and nibbled on some cheese.

In other news, T and I are 95% moved in, the remaining 5% due to the lack of curtains anywhere except our bedroom. And... the second bedroom/craft room is 75% done. Unpacked, but cluttered. Maybe I can finish organizing it after I start using it... to make curtains. And a few last minute Christmas gifts.

Thank you to everyone who sent out holiday cards - our fridge is covered with adorable animals, cute kids, and a funny christmas letter from Kate! T informed me that he was not into sending out joint Christmas cards until he is married, so don't expect one from him. Or me. But know that we love you all. Even you internet peoples.

Happy Holidays! Now, time to party.

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