Jan 6, 2011

The New Casey Williams

My Yearbook friend is in North Carolina.

A super secret sleuth found this out via the teacher, Mrs. W.

Mrs. Karen Watford 
Thomasville NC 
Davidson High School

I am assured [the sleuth] only uses his powers for good, at least that's what he said in his comment.

I just realized that I was a bad blogger and never blogged about the FIRST yearbook email I received about sales.

Mrs. W's email:


 to mebeckcheer4lollyextremecarolineillinifansvictoriamrob95


Thank you all for coming by and bringing in your ad sales!  I was impressed with your numbers.  Leah was the top salesperson as of that day with $1310.  I know this hard to do, but keep on plugging and get this task behind you.

I am looking forward to creating this new book with you!

I had some sort of snarky response written up that I never sent. And I'm glad, since she seems like a nice teacher.

Anyway. Casey Williams of Thomasville NC, please start doing a better job on the yearbook. Be a LEADER. Mrs. W needs you. And us other Casey Williamses want to preserve our reputation as hard workers and visionaries. (I'm currently working towards being a visionary, anyway.)

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