Jan 4, 2011

Yearbook Progress


 to me
6:47 AM


I am at a funeral of a family member today.  I apologize for not being there.

I spent 3 hours going through the whole ladder for the book last night.  According to grade sheets that I have and pages that seem to be done that I don't have grade sheets for, we have completed 89 pages.  On the website when I go one there is a huge ALERT...we have missed the first deadline and the 2nd one is due with another 115 or so pages in early February.

Here is what I saw that you and Erin need to take a look at and address...it seems that what I say doesn't matter.  Fussing doesn't work....You, Erin and I need to somehow get the group to realize that we NEED to finish things and quit saying...."I just need a few more pictures"  and then never do it.

There are lots of pages that are half done.

People are not taking pictures of...sports, haven't talked to club sponsors to find out when they are doing any projects so that they can get pictures, don't leave the room to try to take pictures...some never take a camera out of the room.  We cannot make a book without pictures of events that occur here.  Not all events occur during the school day.

Most of student life isn't done. Events that occurred in September...aren't done.

A lot of the pages on the ladder are not marked as to who is responsible for the page, so I can't say to them "How's that page coming?"

Paige's 9th grade pages lack the picture bar on the sides to get them finished.

Sports pages (LIKE FOOTBALL) are not done.  Some of the sports pages are almost finished but may lack a story, etc.

Look at the administration page....Mr. Fishel's picture needs to be the biggest.

Some people have had 8 or so pages to do and haven't done half of them.

Morgan's pages look good...she just doesn't have enough pages to finish them and can't be responsible for taking ALL the club projects pictures.

Take a look at Kenzie's...The great big AP that she is putting on the group pages....the style of these pages needs work and she had not taken any candids of those academic pages...when will she do it and does she need some help?

Give Ali and Krystal something important to do this week.  They are efficient workers and can do good work.

You both and myself are overseers of the book...you can't just work on your pages all the time....see what you can do to motivate others.

You said you and Kara could work on the book this week some extra....if you are not going to be available...things need to be arranged in order to get them done.

Most of the pages look great and really have style about them.  I have no doubt that in the end, the book will be fantastic. When you take a look at 16 weeks...things need to get finished.

Missing deadlines costs us money.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs. W



 to karenl1955
8:34 AM
Hi Mrs. W,

I am sorry to hear that your family member passed away.

However, I am not on the yearbook staff.

I'm not even in high school.

I live in Boston. And work in the Hancock tower. And manage a team of 8 people. And spend quite a bit of time (when not trying to get clients work) thinking about how to be a more effective manager and leader.

I would like to say that I think your email is excellent - you point out the work that [the other] Casey needs to complete, you tell her why (money), and you try to get her to be more of a leader (motivate others, suggesting competent people). I would have loved to have a teacher like you in high school - and in fact did have a few great teachers who tried to help us lead ourselves.   

Good luck emailing the correct Casey.


Casey A Williams
Boston, MA


  1. I bet you could use your management skills to get that #@*%&$ yearbook published.

  2. Berkley5:07 PM

    this might be my new favorite wrong Casey email.

    I cannot believe how many different wrong Casey emails you've gotten!

    I feel Mrs. W's pain, everyone wants to work on yearbook, but then 2 people end up having to do all the work...and everyone just wants to put in pics of their friends. Unlike professional publishing where we just try to find royalty free/easily permissioned photos. And we get paid. That helps motivate the workers.

  3. Mrs. W never responded to me. I wonder where this high school is...?

  4. Mrs. Karen Watford
    Thomasville NC
    Davidson High School

    I choose to use my powers for good...


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