Jan 12, 2011

Yucutan vs. Snow Day

SSA Nancy Abraham

 to me
9:14 PM
Your dad is giving us a first rate tour here in the yucatan. We did the cenotes and he told us about your flip off the platform!  Amazing.
Adios. Hope things are well


 to SSA
12:01 PM
Hola Nancy,

Wow. I am SO JEALOUS of your Mexican vacation! It looks like you're jumping off of some vines into a cave! However, I'm not the Casey Williams you're looking for. 

At first I thought I was the right Casey Williams, and that you were my Aunt Nancy, who was in Peru with her family over Christmas, but then I realized that A. You have a different last name, B. My dad certainly wasn't giving his sister a tour of Peru from Massachusetts, and C. The Yucutan is not in Peru.

This Casey Williams (i.e. me) is currently working from home as there's a blizzard outside. It's pretty much the exact opposite of what you're doing right now. I have attached photos.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Casey A Williams
Boston, MA

PS. Why wasn't my alter ego Casey Williams in the Yucutan with you guys? On her behalf, I am saddened.

Photos Attached to Email:

Looking out my storm door. It kept blowing in.

Winter wonderland! Only about 6 inches right now.

The closest I'm going to get to the beach - my shell mobile, made from Cape Cod shells, and hummingbird from Hawaii

UPDATE! Nancy responded! Apparently my doppleganger is male.

SSA Nancy Abraham

 to me
7:33 PM
Dearest Casey,
I apologize for sending this to the incorrect Casey Williams (the one I meant to send it to is male, btw) but your email has generated more laughter today than you can possibly imagine. 

 I love your response and your sharing photos with us.  I am thinking that A) I am sorry we are not related, you sound like fun B) your dad should take YOU to the Yucatan and C) that you know your geography.

thank you for responding so I was able to send the cenote photo to the other Casey Williams in Washington state.  Stay warm!



 to SSA
8:06 PM
Hi Nancy

Glad to make you laugh. It was a nice excuse to take some iPhone photos of the close to 2 feet of snow!

You would be surprised by the number of Casey Williamses out there - male and female - who I've met/learned about from mistaken emails. Everything from moving quotes to yearbook ad sales and winning a free museum membership (in Texas). Your email, however, gave me pause to daydream about a tropical vacation, a welcome break from shoveling.

I think, however, my next trip will be to London/Paris to celebrate my 30th year. Enjoy Mexico for me, though! 



  1. I love Nancy! That's fantastic. She rocks. Also, can I come to London to celebrate your 30th?

  2. Everyone is welcome in london!


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