Jan 18, 2011

Computer Mistakes


 to me
Jan 16
Thought you might like this.

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 to Leslee
Jan 18 12:53 PM
Hi Leslee,

Thanks for the cartoon. I do like it, but let me tell you, the IT guys at my office would never believe it. 

Quite frankly, most computer errors are really user errors. We don't think like machines... and while the computer programmers try to think about human behavior when making their programs, based on my experience with most computer programs I can't say they succeed. Instead, humans have to learn how programmers think, and what machines are capable of, and then figure out how to use the software. My number 1 most successful tip for my mom when she has computer troubles: RESTART! It works 9 out of 10 times even when you do have a brand new unique error message.

Anyway. It turns out I don't actually know you, and that you're probably looking for a different Casey Williams. I do not know any of the Leslee Lamberts who I found online:

A. Leslee Lambert of Georgia, formerly of Mississippi, lover of Obama and the TV show "The Closer" (among others; I just chose to highlight the two things we had in common) (side note: do you find it difficult to be liberal in such a conservative state?)

B. Leslie Lambert, the founder of Ladle of Love, a famous NY soup shop, and a former Ladies Home Journal journalist who wore a fat suit for a day and ironically later gained/lost 60 lbs

C. A Leslee Lambert who is not active online

No matter which you are, good luck with your computer. Or maybe I should be saying that to the other Casey Williams. 

Take care,

Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA

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