Feb 3, 2011

Craft Room: Before & After

Everyone knows T and I moved to a new place. 

Some of you have even seen it in person.

It's way bigger than before. Numbers on that front will be shared shortly.

But first, I bring you the craft room:

Where all the magic happens.
Two whole windows!

The room used to be lime-flourescent green, but T kindly painted it for me a lovely shade of purple. It's a little more pink than expected... but I knew that curtains would pull the color into the right shade. That's right, color. Get pulled.

Thought the room still needs a LOT more organizing (you can see a peek of Grandpa-cabinets to the right), FINALLY finishing the curtains has made me inspired:

Mari Mekko inspired fabric. I will no longer be staring at the neighbors as I work from home.

Floor length curtains. Decided not to "pool" the fabric because the other window is partially behind a radiator.

Next up: Taking my fabric collection and putting it on the shelves, and moving the clutter from the shelves into the cabinets. And recovering my lovely chair with the fabric scraps from the curtains. And hanging some more art. And finding a place the for the plants. And putting away the ironing board.

So there's a lot. I call it "the reasons I shouldn't be watching NCIS or otherwise sitting/laying on the couch".


  1. OMG, Casey-- LOVE IT!!! Can I come play in your craft room?? So jealous!

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    LOVE it! and totally eaten up by jealousy right now...but very happy jealousy b/c your craft room is SO pretty! :) liz

  3. Curtains looks fabulous. I didn't think the grey would go with the purple.

  4. Please come help with our place next. We provide room, board, meals, etc. :D


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