Mar 17, 2011

Caseys Don't Get Bullied

Well of course they get bullied. Or rather, can get bullied. The name "Casey" may mean "strong," but it doesn't mean "bully-proof". I remember getting bullied by this jerk named Carmen. She always made me sit on the inside seat on the school bus (we had assigned seats).

I was scared of her --- so I went to the vice principal and asked to have my seat changed so I could share with my brother... for the remaining 3 weeks before we moved to MA. He didn't want to let me, but I insisted, so Noah and I shared the bus seat and switched off who got the ideal aisle seat.

Funny thing was that I actually preferred the window seat but only wanted the aisle seat because it was cool.

Here's another Casey, refusing to be bullied.. but retaliating in a different way:

Video has been removed from YouTube. However, in it, this skinny kid punches and taunts Casey, who is taller and a little more rotund. After about 30 seconds of this, he picks up the skinny kid and slams him into the ground. The kid whacks his ankle on the cement planter. Casey then walks away.

Pretty intense. Apparently the big kid (Casey) has gotten bullied a lot, and just got sick of it. Hopefully that scrawny jerk leaves him alone.

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  1. The video has been removed from youtube.

    bullying is a serious problem that my chickens are addressing through my school program, Rulers of the Roost: what chickens teach us about getting along.

    I remember Carmen. Good for you for asserting yourself with the principal. I wonder what has happened to cArmen?


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