Mar 2, 2011

Casey is Fired???

Viera, Judy 

 to mejen.williams
5:13 PM
Hi Casey & Jen,

Unfortunately, the way Cobra works is you will have to wait until you receive your COBRA enrollment kit, enroll and then coverage will become effective retroactive to March 1, 2011.

 Your current coverage has been terminated as of yesterday. Since there is a schedule doctors appt. for March 2nd, you can do 1 of 2 things, pay out of pocket for the services and submit a claim once the COBRA benefit is instated or you can ask for a bill from the doctor and as long as you follow the COBRA enrollment process within 30 days your coverage should be active and you can submit the bill at that time and have them pay.

I cannot answer the co-pay questions, that will be subject to the elections you make with COBRA and once you receive the package you will be able to contact Ceridian directly with questions.

You should be receiving your package my no later than March 15th, please let me know if you do not receive the COBRA docs by then and I will look into it.


Judy Viera
Specialist, Human Resources


 to Judy
7:30 PM
Hi Judy,

OMG I was fired???? or let go???  SHUT UP!!

I'm still at work right now, though!  Heather [my boss] ---- what's going on? 

Hmm.. on second thought, I think you meant to reach Casey O Williams. I'm Casey A Williams. Seriously, though, your email gave me heart palpitations. I'm thankful I still have a job. ANd I even LIKE my job! 

I would suggest re-emailing Casey O with this information as it seems pretty important. HR stuff can be difficult sometimes - good luck with this. It's never easy to deal with employees who were let go, no matter the circumstances.

In happier news, I know some people who do marketing for your company. Small world, right?


Casey "I'm still employed" A Williams
Boston, MA

PS. All you had to do was hit "Reply All" to Casey O's email... why make things complicated by trying to type in email addresses?

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  1. you must have better things to write about than getting the wrong email. how about changing your email handle to

    this would solve the annoyance.


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