Feb 28, 2011

Shopping for What?

Vair MacPhee to me
9:34 PM
Here is a list for stuff for tomorrow:
15 standing lamps - tortier kind in my office - Canadian tire
8 fans
20 power bars
20 power bars - really long
20 phone extension cords 10 feet
20 phone extension cords 20 feet
40 light bulbs 100 watts
tools to put fans together
 Please add this stuff to Marty List:
plastic buckets for outside offices (count how many we need)
GEP Productions Inc./ A Legal Mind
Toronto, ON M3K 2B6
Office: 416-398-6869


 to Vairme
10:56 PM
Hi Vair,

Whoa. Your shopping list is WAY different from my shopping list:
Green Beans
Coleslaw mix
Parmesan cheese
Canned tomatoes (diced and stewed, we're out of both)
Tomato sauce
Sour cream
Tortilla wraps
Where did we have our miscommunication??? When I first read 'power bars' I thought you were referring to energy bars, which wouldn't really make a great dinner. On further examination, I think you mean power strips, but we already have tons of those at home. I could not for the life of me figure out why the heck you would need all of these items... until I realized that we're in the business of prop making. Way cool, my man. 

By "We", I mean "Casey Williams" and You. You see, I'm actually in the business of search engine marketing. I am a HUGE Halloween fan, so it looks like this other Casey Williams and I share that. I'm less about the props, and more about the costumes (see below). This year I'm thinking "Dinosaur". Any tips?

Good luck on your prop making. I've got some marketing to get back to. 


Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA
Attached: Photos
Queen of Hearts. 2010. Full entourage not shown.

Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. 2010. I was not actually the caterpillar, but I made this costume and am particularly proud of it.

Unicorn. Note the hot pink mane. 2009. Theme: Awesomeness

Mermaid. I loved being a red head. 2008. Theme: Movie/TV

Earth, Wind, & Fire. 2007. Theme: Music

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