Feb 9, 2011

The Big Apple

The real Casey Williams, i.e. Me, was in New York City this week, living it up at a trade show. Yee-haw!

Ok it wasn't Yee-haw at all, I'm just listening to T play Pump Action Buck Hunter, and they (the guy on the game) talk with a Southern accent because all hunters are Southern. There's also this whipping sound at the end of a round. I'm not exactly sure why.

I digress. The conference was, however, informative and I learned a lot. And ate much salty foods. I only wish I had time to go shopping! Or go to the Lion King. I have always wanted to see that show. I might be one of those people in the audience who sings along (badly) though.

Now to digest everything I heard.

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  1. Do you remember learning the lion king song on piano? Was it Circle of life or Can you feel the love tonight?


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