Apr 26, 2011

Ketchup on Rice

As a kid, we used to get a weekly allowance that we could spend on anything we wanted, including school lunches. If we didn't want to buy school lunches, we could make one. Oh, and we were given the $.35 for milk.

That being said, buying your lunch was a treat!! I loved pizza days. And chicken nugget days. But I never understood why some kids put ketchup on their rice. (I was also a straight milk drinker, none of that sugary chocolate milk for me.)

As I aged, my tastes changed. To being more like a 9 year old, at least in some respects.

Hence, when I had left-over rice today at lunch, I celebrated with a little ketchup:

It made me feel like a kid. Even though as a kid I didn't do this. Who said I had to be logical?


  1. I just started watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. You should watch it to see what they are feeding kids these days during lunch. Ketchup is considered a vegetable.

  2. I have to thank you for all those days in high school when you would trade lunches with me and eat my spam sandwich. You truly are a great friend. Hehe.

  3. viv- you didn't like spam?
    try it fried in brown sugar. YUM!

    Pres. Reagan tried to get ketchup listed as a vegetable.


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