Apr 22, 2011

Out of Town Visitors

Keith Bjorklund

 to Me                                                                                                     6:29 PM

Subject: CASEEEY!

Hey Casey,

It's me, Keith Bjorklund.  Remember?  From college?
Hey I'm coming to Dallas next weekend (29th) for a short weekend visit with Janell.  We originally booked my flight for Saturday morning because I had something on Friday eve.  However that thing was cancelled and so I was able to switch my flight to Friday night.  I want to surprise Janell by arriving on her doorstep a night before she expects me.  I was wondering if you'd be able, since you live near Janell, to come get me at Midway and drop me off at her place.  I arrive at Midway at about 8:45 Friday night.  It'd be a good time to catch up in the car too!  If you're busy don't worry about it, just let me know what you think!


Keith Bjorklund
Northwestern University
University of North Texas, B.M.


 to Keith                                                                                                                    8:00 AM

Hi Keith!

Damn!! Long time no see!!! Like, a really long time! Actually - like forever! 

No really. Forever. 

Like really - forever. Or maybe it's more accurate to say - Never. I think. Unless I have an awful memory. I went to UMass-Amherst. We had a LOT of fun - but not so much fun that I forget who I knew. Sure it was a state school, but I did have a 3.8 GPA, so I must have been somewhat coherent during the 3.5 years I spent there. 

Sadly for you, I won't be in Chicago this weekend. I'll be in DC. However, the public trans in Chi-town is awesome, so I'm sure you can manage to get yourself into the city. I couldn't quite follow your flight situ - but it doesn't really matter, since I won't be around. Oh right, and because I don't [think I] actually know you. 

Don't feel bad - I get a lot of mistaken emails. Casey Williams is a much more common name than I ever thought before getting the CaseyWilliams gmail address back in 2004. 

Good luck surprising Janell!

Casey A. Williams
Boston, MA


  1. wow, you are the queen of mis-addressed email. How do you do it?

  2. It's a lot of work. Basically, I am kind of a Google nerd so I got a gmail address from a friend back when it was invite only. And then I'm on a computer every day. The end. ;-)


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