Mar 25, 2011

Before & After: T's Office Area

We love our new place. And have done a lot to make it even better!

T graciously let us use the second bedroom as a craft room. He has informed me that should he want to do a craft, he will be using said room. :-P Fortunately there is another area - not the foyer - that he is using as his office.

Five windows and a large closet. He loves it. It gets great sun so the area is now full of plants, his desk, books, and a man chair I got him for Christmas.

Side note:

Today is crazy sunglasses day at work. No joke. Well, the glasses are a joke, but everyone's wearing them.

T decided to paint the office Slate Blue, an upgrade from the dingy white it was previously (side effect of the fireplace).

It's quite handy that he used to own his own painting business. I don't have to get involved with painting at all.

The office area looked GREAT after he finished it a few hours later.

The bookshelves were made by my grandfather 40 years ago. Traditionally red, I painted them a wretched sea green in college. T re-painted them white when we first moved in December.

Can't really tell what the paint looks like during the day because of all of the light, but it's the perfect shade of blue.

But I convinced him he needed curtains. Valences just didn't feel right. So we went Swedish Shades! What. A. Pain. to make, mostly because of all of the measuring. However, the library book "Quick & Easy Window Treatments" was helpful. Tip: Don't make the first curtain after drinking two glasses of wine. It may or may not be too narrow, causing you to throw it onto the floor in frustration. You may not have a smaller window that you can fit the shade to after taking out some stitches (though I did). Just sayin'.

T took care of the installing.

Wood, L brackets, screws, rings, and strings. Home improvement goes more smoothly wearing a Reliable Bob/Red Oak Renovations hat.

Compare: Swedish Shade to American Blind. The Swedes win.

Proud Office Dweller:

They take a little more time to roll up than the blinds, but it's so much classier.

We are decidedly delighted with the results. T said "At least! We're finished!" True, every room in the house now has custom window treatments, but honey we still have to refinish your office chair. And get you an antique desk. And finish the TV console from the curb. And refinish the coffee table.

But let's pause for a moment and admire the results from our labor thus far. :-)

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  1. OMG, Casey, love them!! And T's office looks fantastic. I am dreaming of more space...

    Can't wait to see the new place in person!

  2. Those are so unique! I agree, very very classy looking. Great job Casey!

  3. Looks great. I agree- no wine before measuring curtains.

    For many years the bookshelves were a really ugly shade of maroon. I think it must have been leftover from another project. White makes them look really classy. The bookshelves are VERY STURDY. They will tolerate earthquates and elephants walking on them.


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