Jun 20, 2011

Coleman/Aerobed Response!

Disappointing Experience - Aerobed
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 Response Via Email (Mindy)06/20/2011 03:26 PM
Dear Casey,

We apologize for the difficulty you have experienced with our product. Before you become a full fledged Hater - please try the following steps below. The valves have a seal that sometimes dries out and needs to be re-hydrated. This often does the trick when air is leaking past the valve.

Below are a couple of possible reasons and solutions for leaks :

1. If air is leaking from the air release valve, carefully remove the round black plastic gasket (or white silicone gasket, depending on model) inside the air release valve cover. (This gasket is best removed using a spoon or another utensil that does not have a sharp edge.)

Rinse this gasket in warm water for 10 minutes, then cool and towel dry.

Re-insert gasket in the valve cover, making certain that the side of the gasket with the U-shaped groove faces into the cover. Leave the valve in the open position for approximately 30 minutes. Then close and proceed with inflation instructions.

If this does not work - please contact me back and I see what I can do to help you further.


Hmmm.. I am suspicious that this is the reason it doesn't work since I got the bed just a few weeks ago.... but I'll try it tonight and let y'all know. At least she made me laugh about being a full fledged Hater!!

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  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    No follow up? I have a broken gasket with my Aerobed. As per their email I had to replace the whole air valve which from what I recall was almost 20 at the time.

    I was just wondering if you did any better with them than I did.

  2. Nope, I just threw the danged thing away and stuck with my no-name brand one from Target. Trying to contain air seems like a feat humans are not capable of.


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