Jun 16, 2011

Mustard the Puppy


What kind of dog do you think I am? Golden retriever pit bull hound mix, perhaps? The vet says "Heinz 57", to which I say "Bollocks, I'm Mustard!"

Photos above are from the first few days with Mustard.

Now he's way more chill. And 3 lbs bigger.

Prefers "wild water". Or rather, "semi-tamed water out of the watering can".

Things he has chewed and destroyed: $0.99 green rubber bear toy, his knit squeaky snail toy from Craig (which was his absolute favorite toy until he destroyed it), and a green Sharpie

Things he has nibbled on: the deck, the edge of the rug, my slippers, T's slippers, a black cowboy hat, and probably other things we don't even know about. 

Things he has peed or pooped on inappropriately: the front entry hall rug, the dining room rug, the kitchen rug (wait, that's every rug in the house), and his blanket (once)

How he has aged: 4 months to 6 months in just one week! Thanks, paperwork, for correcting us

Weight gained: 3 lbs in 3 weeks

Amount that we love him: SO MUCH!!! He's such a good dog, all things considered. Loves people, loves us, loves other dogs, unless they're peeing by the back fence.

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