Dec 16, 2011

Kacy Williams: Felon??

This is definitely the best case of mistaken identity ever. Because it's not just over email. It's real life. As in, I received a letter (addressed to "Kacy Williams"), and am now on the phone with the state police.

They informed me that because I committed a felony, I am required to provide a DNA sample or I will receive a $1,000 fine:

A felony. Me.

Somehow the other Kacy Williams and I have gotten crossed in "the system." Apparently because I have been to court (for a speeding ticket), my name is in "the system," and we have similar birthdays and social security numbers... and something went whacky, so mixed in with the holiday cards and congratulations on engagement was this threatening letter.

I was transferred to CODIS, where Sargent Smith answered the phone. Yes, Smith. I explained the situation, ending with, "I think it's a mix-up, which sometimes happens with common names like Williams or Smith."

After a little record checking - it seems like Kacy Williams perhaps committed some kind of serious crime that is very different than what my record indicates I would do - he explained the following:

"It looks like a case of mistaken identity. Yup. Mistaken identity." - Sargent Smith at State Police Crime Lab.

For those privacy gurus, it may make you feel better to know that only the special DNA testing CODIS unit has access to the DNA records, no one else. 

So I'm all good. Free and clear to be me, and to keep my DNA to myself. Let's just hope there's not more felonious surprises out there for me...

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