Jan 25, 2012

Working from Home: Pros & Cons

Pros of working from home:
  • No train ride
  • Doing laundry at lunch
  • Drinking our diet root beer supply
  • Cuddling with Mustard while on conference calls
  • Getting marriage advice from the mail woman
Cons of working from home:
  • Missing the friendly faces of co-workers
  • Not getting my daily 80 minutes of reading time on the commute
  • Mustard causing my hot tea to spill all over my computer keyboard
  • Mustard barking at the mail woman
  • Mustard barking at the UPS delivery person
  • Mustard thinking I'm home to play with him
Really, all things considered, I've got it pretty good either way.

Hey! Look! This ball is so fun! Mom! Look! I even throw it for myself! But it would be more fun if you played with me.

Fine. I'll do some more surgery on my rubber chicken. His last wing is annoying me.


  1. Did mustard spend any time in his crate to give "Mom" a break?

  2. I believe Mustard barked at the "letter carrier"


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions! Makes this much more interesting.