Feb 13, 2012

BlackPlanet.com and More

I've had it.

Really, I've had it.

ENOUGH with the email subscriptions that do not require subscribers to verify their email address after signing up.

I did not go to Drexel University.

I don't live in Dallas.

I'm not 39.

I'm not interested in the messages I have on XXXblackbuds.

Nor am I looking for a job on Black Planet Jobs in conjunction with Monster.com.

I did not sign up for BlackPlanet.com. But I did write a blog post there... and edit my profile.

The kicker is that when I logged into BlackPlanet.com, it said that I had verified my email address... which is impossible.

My new strategy is  to report ALL emails where someone signed me up accidentally as SPAM. Spam spam spam. You are spam to me because you did not require email address verification.

F you, spam. I deal with enough emails without having to deal with someone else's shit.


  1. Drexel is relentless. I have requested to stop receiving information about their graduate programs (which have NOTHING to do with my field or interests) multiple times. Without a doubt, DAILY, I have a message waiting from them about my "priority application." UGH.

  2. Desperate marketing does not make you want to attend their university!


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