Feb 14, 2012

Bank of America Home Refinancing Loan

I swear, it doesn't stop. It really doesn't. This morning I got some pay day loan offers that I signed up for... but I don't need pay day loan offers.

Other Casey Williamses also need money, so they're refinancing their homes.  or trying to. But failing.

Wolfe, Patti S patti.s.wolfe@bankofamerica.com
2:01 PM (3 hours ago)
to me

You will need this for the next email I send you about refinancing.

 Patti S. Wolfe                                            
Mortgage Loan Coordinator
NMLS ID: 474167
Bank of America Home Loans
200 Meeting Street, Suite 103                                                 
Charleston, SC 29401                                            
Office:  843.579.5480                                                        
Fax: 877.206.0694                                                            

Mortgage Loan Coordinator for

JoAnn Terrell VP 843 579 5479
Ann K. Baker VP 843 579 5489

5:56 PM (1 minute ago)
to Pattime
Patti S Wolfe,


I am in fact a BOA customer, though not for much longer since A. I'm tired of the other casey williams giving my email address out when they're looking for home loans or payday loans (though that might have been a different Casey Williams), and B. BOA's involvement in the home mortgage situation is less than ideal.

Please make sure you get the correct email address, or do business with people smart enough to know their own email addresses. Sorry if I sound impatient, but I've gotten a ton of emails from you over the past few months... and lots of other emails intended for a different Casey Williams.


The Real Casey Williams, who is not standing up right now

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