Feb 23, 2012

Golden Corral - Hiring Now!

I applied! Yay! Is a move to Texas in my cards? Who knows? It all depends on how I answer this very tricky questionnaire:

Disagree Strongly / Disagree / Not Sure / Agree / Strongly Agree

31.  I need to be held fully accountable for my work.
32.  I have a great appetite for learning new things.
33.  I am well known for my common sense approach to solving problems.
34.  I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.
35.  I can be exceptionally charming.
36.  I have the ability to immediately put others at ease.
37.  I have an exceptional ability to remember where things are stored or filed.
38.  I can easily adapt to new ways of doing things.
39.  I like jobs where I have to work at a fast pace all day long.
40.  I detect mistakes better than others I know.

Seriously, I wonder how good this is at weeding the 'wrong fit' people out. If you really wanted this job, couldn't you just think about what Golden Corral would WANT to hear, and then put that very obvious answer in?
Sigh. I'm tired of the endless Casey Williams emails. Soon I will be Fitzsimmons dot Casey at gmail, so get ready for that, world. Just get ready. I should probably also prepare Casey dot Fitzsimmons at gmail for my entrance to the email world of Casey Fitzsimmonses....

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