Nov 6, 2012

JetBlue Safety FAIL

Dear JetBlue Customer Service

Generally, I love JetBlue. However, on Flight 632 from SFO to BOS on Wednesday, October 3, there was a rather alarming safety issue.

An obese and elderly man was seated in the exit row. He was unable to lift his small carry-on bag into the luggage rack, and clearly had health problems. The woman seated next to me asked the flight attendant about him, as she was concerned that her safety in an emergency situation would be at risk with this gentleman seated in the exit row.

The flight attendant checked with her peers and told my seatmate that "[they] aren't allowed to discriminate, and if the customer answers they are ready and able to assist in an emergency, [they] accept the statement."

I understand anti-discrimination safeguards, but in this case it seems that you are jeopardizing the safety of the other passengers in the name of protecting one passenger's desire to have extra leg room. Is there really no clause in the exit row requirements that states something along the lines of "you must be able to lift 30 lbs?", which is the weight of an emergency exit door?

Either way, it is disappointing to see this happen. I suppose most plane crashes are pretty, um, final, but still --- this situation would guarantee it.

I do generally enjoy JetBlue, and will likely fly again in the future.

Casey Fitzsimmons

PS. Why did you stop the direct route BOS-PHL?? I hate flying USAirways...

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