Jan 9, 2013

It's Casey Williams's Birthday!

to mecaseylwms
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY,  wishing you a wonderful day and many happy days in 2013.  

I'm forwarding this as I'm not sure which email you use most these days and I gave them the wrong one!
lots of love, LizMum

Liz Goodfellow
Cambridge MA 02138

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Casey Fitzsimmons < caseywilliams@ gmail >
9:23 AM (3 minutes ago)
to LizGZ
Hi LizMum

Thank you SO MUCH for the gift certificate!!! As you know, I, Casey Williams, love Zappos. But my birthday isn't until April, but I do need new boots right now, so thanks for the early gift!!

However... I don't think you meant to send this to me. I am Casey Williams now Fitzsimmons, but not your daughter. Or daughter-in-law. Your daughter/son probably has a variation of caseywilliams@gmail, like CaseyEWilliams or CaseyBWilliams or Williams.Casey. Not CaseyWilliams@gmail or casey.williams@gmail because those are me. Still me. Unfortunately, Casey.Fitzsimmons@gmail was taken so even though I'm married now, I kept my old email. And as a result, I get lots of mistaken emails.

This one was definitely the best one I've gotten, besides the photos of a vacation in Mexico. Usually it's stuff like "Being gay is wrong in the eyes of the one and only God and my niece is gay, what do I do, group of friends?" or "Federal Prisonor WEBB, UMIKO wishes to correspond with you" or "Thanks for your interest in the Loyal White Knights (KKK)". 

So thanks for restoring my faith in Casey Williamses. We can't all be morally corrupt if A. I'm essentially giving you back $100, and B. This Casey Williams has such a nice Mum to send her such a gift. 

Happy Birthday to your Son/Daughter!

Casey Anne (Williams) Fitzsimmons
Boston, MA (hey, I'm right around the corner!)

to me

Dear Casey, you are a gem.  I wondered that you were responding so early - my daughter-in-law lives in California!  I'm afraid I might have sent you other mail by mistake in the past?  How did your email  get into my 'address book'? I'm feeling very foolish, and very grateful.  I have to say that in my experience Casey Williams are a wonderful people, and you have confirmed that.  I hope we get to meet sometime.  
Very best wishes, Liz

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