Jan 14, 2013

New Feature: Bathroom Style File!

I've been inspired lately by all the great fashion blogs out there, so I'm starting my own. Only it features bad lighting courtesy of my office's bathroom and full length mirror, questionable outfits, and no sponsored clothing (unless re-gifts from my mom count).

Episode One: Bathroom Style File Launches!


Let's pretend the blurriness was an artistic afterthought. My turned-in knee was not an afterthought; it is the requirement of a fashion bloganista!

Channeling: 8th grade self, sans Doc Martins and turtleneck
Wearing: Denim shirt or "chambray" if you will, from LL Bean outlet; Hanes long sleeved t-shirt screen printed by my talented artist sister; some crappy black jeans from Marshall's that are struggling to limit the number of holes in inappropriate places; Kork-Ease 'Maxine' boot
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): Multi-strand beaded necklace from a Masai village in Africa that used to smell like the inside of one of the stick/dung/smoke huts there; large hoop earrings that cost $18 in 2004, which at the time was a huge expense for me, and still is considering they're just brass and probably manufactured for like $.02.

HEY YOU - click on the Bathroom Style Files label on the right or right here to see my more recent outfits. 

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