Jan 15, 2013

Bathroom Style Files - Grandma Edition

This project is off to a smashing success; I've completed it two days in a row!

Today's ensemble came to me as I lay half awake in bed yesterday. I was thinking... pink pants, teal green sweater... but it needs something special... something that says "Grandma Stylish".

And this is what came out, courtesy of my bed musings:

Look how excited I am to be in the bathroom! You can't even tell I was up until 12:30 AM post street/floor hockey. Those bags under my eyes are part of the Grandma Look.

"Whoa - is that lace?" You may ask. And I would say "Yes". or as my boyfriend slash husband said this morning, "Um, that lace shirt is..." Me: "Amazingly grandma-esque yet still sexy?" Him: "Well, if that's what you're going for, yes." Me: "Call me your Pretty Wife!!"

The hidden touches are what matter to me. When I asked the husband his thoughts, he said no one would care about my awesome but hidden belt. I say he's wrong.

Channeling: When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple! (grandma)
Wearing: Pink jeans/pants from Rue La La/Buffalo, Sweater from Banana Republic Outlet (where there was a mastiff shopping with his owner), lace shirt and shitty shiny black flats from Filene's Basement (where there was a standard poodle or labradoodle or Poodiddle shopping with her owner), Belt from Marshalls way long ago. Rhinestone earrings for a little grandma bling. I kind of like pairing my two "shopping with large dogs" items together. It's a story a grandma would tell.

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