Jan 17, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Life in the Fast Lane

It's not easy being a "fashion" blogger AND a woman of business, but someone's gotta do it. Today was special because I was not in my regular bathroom, oh no. We (colleagues and I) were staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Hazlet, NJ.

As you can see, their bathrooms are quite nice, featuring the sink outside of the toilet/shower room. This is quite handy when sharing a room with a loved one but still desiring privacy for certain functions. Fortunately, I was staying by myself, so I had the luxury of leaving the door open if I so desired. I desired it for these photos.

Heyyy toilet/shower room door! Note that I'm holding my phone in my right hand, per the usual phone action.

Here you get a great look at the basic yet nice Holiday Inn Express room, as well as the bathower (a bathtub-length shower stall) and the fire suppression system in the ceiling. Safety's no joke at the Holiday Inn!

My attempt at a full length shot. Note the fine granite counters. These counters are where I left both my wedding ring and engagement ring while I checked myself out and drove the team to Starbucks. We then came back to the Holiday Inn, where I re-checked into my room to find the rings left undisturbed. Note that if you have dry hands and want to moisturize, you should make sure to put your rings right back on afterwards.

Channeling: Businesswoman in Blue
Wearing: Blue silk shift dress - likely Tahari but maybe Calvin Klein? - from a store somewhere; black hose grabbed out of the tights/hose basket right before leaving for work the prior morning; and some Liz Claiborne black 'Working Woman' pumps (name mine) that feature one shoe nail popping through the right shoe.


  1. I like to hold my rings in my teeth. I am easily distracted while moisturizing, and think the risk of swallowing them is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing where my rings are. So far, I haven't swallowed any.

  2. That is an excellent tip, Erin!! And besides, if you swallow them, you know you'll get them back... eventually. :-)


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