Jan 22, 2013

My Ministry

Jeff Lefevre <jeff@itickets.com>
8:51 PM (12 hours ago)
to jodie.williamsrick.byargeondale.odenloy.sealcasey.casadyjason.walsworthsally.hearnme
Happy New Year!
iITickets wants to help you in 2013!

Whether you are planning an event and need ticketing and or marketing solutions, iTickets can help make your event a success. We offer tailored ticketing solutions and marketing packages geared specifically for you!

Please let us know what's on your schedule by  Thursday, January 31st and we will include them in the free online listings on iTickets.com and ChristianHappenings.com. Send your events directly to me and I will get them posted or enter your events online at:

Reply today to set up your event on iTickets:

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Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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Casey Fitzsimmons <caseywilliams@gmail.com>
9:08 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Jeffjodie.williamsrick.byargeondale.odenloy.sealcasey.casadyjason.walsworthsally.hearn
I am 100% not Christian.
Definitely Unitarian, though. I love all people. And love gay marriage. And believe in a woman's right to choose. And in gun control. I refuse to go to Chik Fillet because of their stance on gay marriage.
I also don't have a ministry, but maybe this is a sign!!!! Can I use iTickets for Unitarian events?


Casey Williams Fitzismmons

We were in Arlington, VA this weekend... and now I have the flu. Looking forward to more Bathroom Style Files!

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