Jan 23, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Pirate Edition!

Aye, matey, 'tis time for me pirate fashion!

Aye, I'm awearing me striped shirt! Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum! A hot toddy would be nice, I hear they help with colds.

A pirate 'tis a pirate, right down to their stockings. These warm woolen stockings came in quite handy this morning when my ship (aka the Green Line) came under fire and I was forced to abandon ship! The cold shivered me timbers, but me toes were toasty.

Experimenting with new angles. Me thinks me rear end looks ridiculous, and me face looks washed out. Perhaps it's scurvy? Or just recovery from el Flu.

Channeling: A Pirate, obviously, matey!
Wearing: Striped shirt 100% flammable polyester from Marshalls (which is why abandoning ship this morning was so crucial); new 'Rock Star' jeans from Old Navy that I can tuck into my boots and basically feel like PJegging Jeans; Christmas socks from Mom, I traded my blue ones with my sister who hates pink; same brown boots that I want to wear every day.
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): Black tank top from Old Navy. It was getting gross re-wearng dirty tank-tops (laundry machines still in the middle of the basement from the Great Plumbing Incident of 2013).

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