Feb 5, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Go Bold or Go Home

Do you ever the experience where you have a piece of clothing, but you don't particularly like it, but you bought it anyway because you got it on super duper sale at Marshalls, and then wore it, but it felt BLAH despite being VERY bold colors? I mean, there's a reason no one else bought it, right?

Anyway, that's how my relationship with this shirt started. I've worn it exactly one other time, but now I'm in love. In love with its colors, its boldness, its ability to hide my lunch-tummy. Bring on the salty goodness, this gal's got room in her shirt for expansion!

Today is a serious day.

Yup, I'm serious despite wearing these bold colors and studded hot pink earrings purchased at a Claire's in Indianapolis. 


Especially since I'm wearing the lovely bracelet and watch my husband gave me, with the middle the oh so fashionable Alex & Ani bracelet from my sister-in-law. However, if A&A continues their gawd awful advertising on TV, they will become less cool. Seriously. It's bad. There's a reason people hire creative agencies to produce TV commercials. It's so they don't look like your Uncle's daughter made it in her garage. Or maybe I'm just not their target market, which is entirely likely given that most of the women I know who wear them are 22-28 years old. 

Channeling: Tulip fields on acid or in NYC
Wearing: Jones New York tunic (every day I have to wrench the neck of my shirt around to check the labels. I think I need to get better at knowing my brands or I'm going to fail at this fashion thing, unless i go for the hipster "brands are for losers" thing); my shitty black jeans, and red patent leather loafers bought in Chicago on a whim. They were like $5 and totally worth it. Oh also a blank tank top so you can't see through to my skin because the tunic is translucent and my skin is quite white. Also I'm wearing bracelets and the solar watch.
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): My amazing hot pink studded hoops from Claire's. You can see that I'm wearing pink earrings, but not that they are studded. Studs are way in, guys. And I got these back in 2009, so maybe I am a trend setter! Go me.

PS. This is the second day in a row I've blogged that very day's outfit. GO ME x2!

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  1. omg the earrings we bought for YFC! hahaah


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