Feb 4, 2013

Bathroom Style Files: Teal Floral Fun

Guys, this is 100% real life. Today I have my shit together and am posting about an outfit I'm actually wearing. (Thanks, no lunch meeting today!) OH THE EXCITEMENT.

Originally, I bought this jacket at my local church thrift store as a potential outfit for my 90's themed roller skating 31st birthday party. But instead, I now wear it to work. (I went total grunge for the party instead of this mod-90s casual career woman look.)

 I contemplate my phone angle  mortality  fashion sense, and wonder if anyone will recognize me with my hair down. Because I refuse to style it beyond just letting it air dry, I think it looks shitty. Now (4 hours later), it is up in a bun, appropriate for this Workin' Woman outfit.

Heyyyy Look, I do have a waist even after eating 100 lbs of smoked cheese last night!

And yes, Ma, this jacket will button closed. If I force it. But it does look funny. The most annoying thing about this jacket is the lining, which wiggles around. I'm thinking I need to show it who's boss by applying some Wonder Under action.

 What you've all been waiting for - a close-up of the controversial fashion trend called "My pants are too short and I know it". This is acceptable and even welcome as long as you A. Don't have Club Leg and B. Wear pants that skim your ankles tightly. I know this trend is acceptable due to the ladies in my office sporting this trend. However, in this weather, nekkid ankles are not recommended nor endorsed by this blog.

Channeling: 90's Casual
Wearing: Floral wonder jacket with the label "Greenwich Square", which I assume means it's from CT not the eponymous neighborhood in NYC, black long-sleeved tank from JCrew or Banana, black tank, Rock Star jeans from Old Navy, and shoes from LL Bean. Yes, these 'fashion-y' shoes are from the same company that brings us beloved flannel and back-packs. I got them for $30 last winter at the outlet, probably because most LL Bean shoppers aren't early adopters of funny looking suede booties. I figured they were worth a $30 guess, and it has paid off. Comfy heels that are sort of fashionable = Win in my book. Also, I'm wearing 3 strands of 'pearls' from a different church yard sale. Normally they look like they're choking me, but this morning I added length using cheap-o wire. Note to self: Buy more jump rings to fix this (and other) necklaces.
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): I actually did pretty well here --- the only things not seen are my belt (unremarkable) and my unmentionables, which shall remain so.


  1. YOu're such a fashion trend setter.

    1. If by trend setter you mean 'attempt to follow', right on!


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