Feb 10, 2013

Nemo Style File

This weekend was one of extremes. First, the weather. Then, us lying around doing nothing, interspersed with hours of shoveling and moving piles of snow from one area of the yard to others, sweating our butts off. It wouldn't be a weekend without serious cuddle time with Mustard, though... 

Channeling: Sleep
Wearing: Glasses from SEE; my fleece bathrobe from 7th grade, when my mom made this for me. The sleeves and robe length are now comical, but no other robe measures up when it comes to warmth... except my shark footie pajamas, which were still dirty from the flu days.
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): A cotton nightgown because I'm 80 years old when it comes to sleepwear

The rest of the weekend was spent in elastic waistband pants, UGG snow boots, T's extra Walmart snow pants, a jacket from Brooks Brothers, various pairs and single mittens/gloves, and a hat I made for my dad 15 years ago and he decided he was tired of it. I think it's still great. Slash still warm.

Oh the glamour of snow.

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