Feb 11, 2013

Bathroom Style File: Jump, Jump, Jump Around

Today (by Today I mean February 7), I went for the "pupil" look, getting "schooled" in fashion. My puns hurt. At least I finally got the husband to agree that I need new black boots. He deemed these out of fashion, militant, and beat-up. I 100% agree.. but when a girl's got one pair of black boots, and two legs that need warming...

Straight on shot. 

I experiment with new angles. Here is me looking to the right so you can closely examine the left side of my face. No, I'm not mixing up my left and rights, the camera is.

Here's the other side. You Like? Also note the side bun, made of hair that I teased to make it more voluminous. Overall the outfit was a success; I didn't look too outlandish for the Boston Symphony we attended that evening. Yes we're fancy like that slash trying new things... and the symphony was amazing. Except for the guy behind us who kept talking. Even I know you don't talk during the symphony.

Channeling: Pupil
Wearing: Mock black turtleneck.. probably from Marshalls; Blue jumper, unknown brand, definitely from Marshalls; black La Canadienne boots purchased 6.5 years ago; black tights that itch my skin but since the stores stop carrying tights now that it has snowed 25 inches it's spring, I can't buy more. I suppose I could get some online; imagine that, online shopping!
Not Seen (since this fashion blog features shitty photographs): How my boots don't quite zip up due to my "athletic" calves. Just another reason to get new boots!

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