Feb 11, 2013

Bye, Gonzo.

Gonzo - the first time I met you was first semester senior year. You came into the apartment at Presidential along with the rest of the family, and were SO HAPPY to be included and hear kind words that your tail whipped everyone and everything it came into contact with. Our coffee table was cleared very quickly by your tail, and we laughed.

I'm sorry, Gonzo, that we electrocuted you. I wasn't just a witness to this, I was the enforcer! I helped bury the invisible fence line with Dad-Bob, took you around the perimeter to "teach" you, and then had to watch as you excitedly bounded towards the woods to go on a walk, only to get jolted backwards in shock and confusion. At least you knew who was boss then - us. You seemed to appreciate the boundaries... but I still feel guilty about killing your joy with pain.

Thanks for being so patient with Jakey as he poked your eyes and pulled your tail. You knew he meant well.

The way you "played" with The Pup (Mustard) was hysterical. I hope you got some joy and fun out of putting up with his energy in your old age.

Gonzo your spirit was so good. I'm so glad that Kristen and Bob rescued you and spent the two years you needed to become a good dog. You WANTED to be good, no one had helped you before. Hopefully later this morning, your spirit will be free and happy and painless, though I'm sure it will steer clear of bathrooms, large men who yell, and any kind of water that requires swimming.


"Someone's gotta supervise this pup"

Whatever you want, Casey! I just want to be included in Christmas!

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